The repo


What I wanted to achieve

I wanted to make it possible to produce Cloudinary image links by just giving the file name to a shortcode.


  1. make a submodule in your themes folder
  2. add the theme in the theme array in your config.toml
theme = ["some other theme", "cl-image"]
  1. add the following to your params portion of config.toml
  baseURL = "" # This is the same for everyone
  cloudName = "your cloud name" # You can check your cloud name from cloudinary console page
  folderName = "Portfolio" # if you want to put collection of pictures into a single folder, write the name of the folder (optional)


The theme adds a shortcode called cl-image. You can give following arguments

argument description
src (required) this is what is your image called on cloudinary. By default, it can be a gibberish so I advice you to change it to something memorable from the Cloudinary console.
class give a string of classes you wish to apply to the img element
alt same with the class
style same the class
height This is the pixel height of the image you give to the Cloudinary Transformation URL API. If your original image is too large, it is advised to reduce the size matching how large you are displaying on the website.
width same with the height


// remove '\'
{{\< cl-image src="ski.jpg" class="rounded center" alt="me in skiing" height="600" style="min-width: 50%; height: 400px; object-fit: cover;" \>}}