Work Experience

OpenSalary / WorkCircle

June 2022 - Present
Full stack software engineer

OpenSalary is a web site that provides free and open information about salaries of those who work in the Japanese tech industry. OpenSalary is a community driven platform made by developers, for the benefit of developers. We aim to empower software engineers with the data they need to make informed career decisions.

I joined the team to speed up the development of the website and make the product more valuable. Since joining the team, I’ve introduced new features such as searching for a company from anywhere on the web site.

On top of the OpenSalary website, we’ve been building WorkCircle, a platform that aims to bridge communication among tech workers in Japan. I’ve been involved in building the app, as well as building the landing page for the application from scratch.

In WorkCircle development, notable achievements are

  • Sped up the load time of the main page by 80%
  • Introduces numerous features for the official release

Le Wagon

April 2021 - Present

Le Wagon is an industry leading coding bootcamp founded in France and now has more than 35 campuses across the world. I participated as a student in the web development course, and graduated in March 2021. Then, I was invited by the CEO of the Tokyo campus to join the team as a teaching assistant. Since then, I have helped more than 150 students to learn how to build web applications and work on projects as a team.

After a year of assisting the main teachers, I had opportunities to stand in front of the class to give lectures as a main teacher as well.

I have been working as a teacher / teaching assistant at Tokyo campus for over a year. Recently, after relocating to Spain, I taught the web development course of the Madrid campus, as well as the Cape Town campus in South Africa.

Linkedin article about me
me teaching

Section L

August 2021 - April 2022
Full stack software engineer

Section L is a hospitality company based in Tokyo. The company runs several hotels and a pop-up store in central Tokyo. We developed an in-house application that enables guests and hotel employees to manage check-in, request amenities, send requests to receptionists, and many other aspects of the hotel operation easily and smoothly.

I joined in the very early stage of the application development and participated in developing three different projects.

  • Check-in app that handles the check-in process at every property of Section L.
  • Admin app, where hotel employees can manage guests across the properties and answer requests and questions.
  • InterSection, which is an app that enables inter-guests communication and interactions. A unique point about Section L is that the guests are encouraged to interact with each other through multiple events. We built an app that serves as a platform for those events to be organized. Also, guests can use the app to communicate with reception.
  • And the API that serves the backend of all three applications.
Linkedin article about the beta release


August 2021 - April 2022
Full stack software engineer intern

Evolany is a company that provides no-code platform called Anybot, which enables companies who wants to automate their message bot to make customer support more efficient. Although I joined as an intern, I worked as like any other full-time engineers. From minor debugging to introducing new features, I’ve worked on multiple projects during the time I was at the company. Also, since I joined a few month before where the engineering team grew rapidly, I helped to re-write the setup documentations for the new comers to be more descriptive. On top of that, I helped many new full time developers to get familiar with our in house framework and guide their way through the on boarding process.

me working evolany


Le Wagon Tokyo

January 2021 - March 2021

Attended Le Wagon Tokyo Batch 543

9-week full-time intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails. Designed, implemented and shipped to production.

Akita International University

April 2018 - August 2022

Bachelor of Arts - Global Business

Vice president of the AIU Debating Society

A member of the badminton club

George Washington University

August 2019 - June 2020

Exchange program

A member of GWU collegiate triathlon club